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Aghermann maintenance

Hi Andrei,

since the Vcs fields of aghermann pointed to anonscm.debian.org I
upgraded the packaging in the new Git location[1].  It was a bit
irritating to not find the latest packaging state in Git but I took over
your changelog entry for the version upgrade.  BTW, you injected a
stripped down tarball - please either take the one that can be
downloaded from the web site or document what is excluded in
Files-Excluded in the debian/copyright file.  (I did not changed this
but it would help for the next release.)

I've checked membership of the Debian Med project on Salsa to enable
you commit permissions but I noticed that you are not yet registered
on Salsa.  Could you please do so to add you to the team?

Kind regards


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/aghermann


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