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Re: "med.bio" under Ubuntu-MATE 18.04 LTS

On 28/05/18 05:39, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi,
> just a short note:  The metapackage is called med-bio (with a dash not a
> dot ... just in case somebody might seek in the wrong direction).

Hi, Andreas.

Sorry about my careless mistake + Thanks for correcting it :-)

> [...]
> Could you please comment on this chunk (and the similar one later)?  In
> how far is this related to the issue above?

The "_metaphlan2.py" file contains Python 3 source but the "postinst"
script runs "pycompile" on the Python source files. However, "pycompile"
only supports Python version 2. The print() function in "_metaphlan2.py"
can be imported from the "__future__" library, but Python 2 does not
support function annotations: These are optional in Python 3, and are
removed from the function definitions in "_metaphlan2.py" by the patch.



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