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References to BioConda as Registry in d/u/metadata?


The registry of Bioconda packages (https://bioconda.github.io/recipes)
is not really a registry in the sense that the description of the
package would dominate. As such we would be misusing that field in
debian/upstream/metadata a bit. But then again, Bioconda seems like it
is gonna stay and and I am using it myself on our University cluster. I
tend to think that knowing about a package to also exist in Bioconda is
of interest for our users.

What are your feelings about something like

 - Name: Bioconda
   Entry: barrnap

which would then show to
https://bioconda.github.io/recipes/barrnap/README.html in our task
pages. Helpful? Distracting? Disturbing?

Many thanks


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