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Re: RFS: bioSyntax -- Syntax highlighting for computational biology

Hi Andreas,

2018-03-24 17:46 GMT+01:00 Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu>:
> Uploaded.  Could you please make some suggestion in what task
> (=metapackage) we should put what binary package?  I'm undecided between
> med-bio and med-bio-dev and which binary package should be mentioned in
> that task(s).

Thanks for the upload.

I did a pull request (I don't have enough rights to push directly): I
put biosyntax-gedit into the med-bio task. I selected med-bio and not
med-bio-dev because this package is to help to visualize sequences and
not to help in development of bioinformatics applications. I chose to
mention only biosyntax-gedit and not the others almost randomly,
probably because I use gedit more frequently than others. But this
should not be a big problem, because next time that biosyntax will
need to go in the new queue (probably quickly because upstream is
working on a plugin for nano), I will create a meta package (=
biosyntax-all), so we will be able to mention only this meta-package
in our tasks (right approach?).


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