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Bug#879619: Autopkgtest for ncbi-tools6

Hello Andreas,

I have started to work on writing tests for ncbi-tools6, which is the source for multiple binary packages. Some of them contain shared libraries, others are with data files and only two contain executables (ncbi-tools-bin and ncbi-tools-x11). Is there a way to test graphical applications in ncbi-tools-x11? Should I ignore non-executable binary packages?

Meanwhile, I have pushed my first efforts to check some of the functionality inside ncbi-tools-bin (commit). At the moment, the commands in the test run one by one and the test exits on the first fail. I thought it would be better if the test gathers exit statuses of each command and returns only global exit status instead and maybe some summary of which commands fail? I could implement this idea if you don't think it is too much.

I haven't changed the copyright yet because I am likely to add more additional test files later. However, I always doubt that I don't see something else that I need to pay attention to. I'll be happy to receive any recommendations from you!

Thank you,

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