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Re: Outreachy round 16 | Applying to Debian

Dear Rupal,

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 11:23:34PM +0530, Rupal Jain wrote:
> That's great.
> To confirm, by "teaching" you're referring to MoM program, right?

Well, that's kind of a formalised teaching method but we have taught
newcomers also without this formalism.

> You can let me know what time suits you when we can schedule our first
> discussion. We'll try to keep it as early as possible.

So lets start right now. 

> Any medium suits me.

I prefer e-mail.

> > In our last sprint we started developing a new list about packages that
> > are in Bio-Linux but not in Debian[1].  As a random pick I would think
> > that cap3[2] might be simple enough for a start.  Disclaimer:  I have
> > not done a single look into the source at all.  The most frequent
> > blocker for this kind of software is a missing license - feel free to
> > have a look here.
> It's cool with me. We can start with any med package with which you're
> smooth and comfortable teaching me.
> And, which is the link that you're referring for license? Couldn't get it.

The link to cap3 is at the end of this mail[2].  If I would have a link
to the license I would have provided it.  The page contains a source
code archive but I have not seen any link to a license.  Part of the
Debian developer work is to do research (may be by contacting the
authors) to find out the license.
> > That's fine.  I'd recommend you get your hands on a Debian installation
> > which should you give some practical understanding.  There you can do
> > for instance
> >
> >      sudo apt install med-bio
> >
> > (and let us know if you have trouble to come to this point!)
> Yeah. On it.

Let me know about success or failure.
> > Than you should create a login on salsa.debian.org and apply for
> > membership in the Debian Med team.
> Done.

I did not received any application message via the Gitlab interface
but I've manually added you to the project.

> > As I said I'm happy about your interest and will support your attempt to
> > start with the packaging.
> I am grateful for your willingness to help me.

You are welcome.  I think the first task is to create a Git archive for
cap3 now and inject the source archive.  Please let me know whether you
see any blockers here.

Kind regards


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/community/bio-linux/blob/master/debian-med_missings.txt
[2] http://seq.cs.iastate.edu/cap3.html


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