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Re: RFS: ChromHMM -- Chromatin state discovery and characterization

Hi Andreas,

2018-03-12 10:00 GMT+01:00 Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu>:

> I've asked upstream for release tags[1].  May be upstream will set those
> tags and you do not need a get-orig-source script any more but if not it
> makes sense to use such a script.  I've provided an example that even
> removes Files-Excluded in our packaging example[2] (at least if you
> specify the files to exclude in a single line separated by spaces).

Thanks for this. The other point here is about example files, the
github archive doesn't provides these files whereas the archive on
their main website provides them.
Of course, I can put these files into debian/ but I prefer to not have
these ~30Mo in the debian/ folder.
I will try to convince upstream to put these files in github to have a
clean archive.

> Regarding the installation of ChromHMM.jar:  I'm not very picky about
> this but I'm usually installing JAR files to /usr/share/java but I
> accept your decision to use /usr/share/chromhmm/ instead.  Just want
> to make sure that this is a decision you have drawn intentionally.

Honestly, I used the same method as I did before for beagle packaging
without asking myself more questions (and I don't remember why I did
this for beagle).
Thanks for pointing this, I will fix this for the next upload.

> I've run `cme fix dpkg-control` and uploaded the current state of Git to
> NEW.

Oups, sorry to forgot the "cme fix".

Thanks for the upload.


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