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Re: Maintainer field value for the r-pkg-team (was Re: dh-r changes)

Hi Sébastien,

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 11:22:29AM +0100, Sébastien Villemot wrote:
> I created the r-pkg-team on tracker.d.o:
>  https://tracker.debian.org/teams/r-pkg-team/
> Note that since tracker.d.o does not allow multiple owners for a team, I am
> effectively the only owner there. So don't hesitate to ask me if something
> needs to be modified there. For the time being there is no package associated
> to the team.
> The good news is that Raphaël Hertzog has recently introduced a new feature in
> tracker.d.o which allow us to put team addresses in the Maintainer field. So we
> could decide to put:
>  Maintainer: Debian R Packages Team <team+r-pkg-team@tracker.debian.org>
> in all the team's packages.

Could you add this information to the Wiki page[1].
> Then the packages will automatically appear in tracker.d.o (and other tools
> like QA or DMD will also work).
> By subscribing to the team on tracker.d.o, one will get the usual DAK and BTS
> messages (there is a possibility of customizing the precise types of messages).

That means I get those e-mails that were usually sent to the science / med

> Note that for the moment the emails sent to team+r-pkg-team@tracker.debian.org
> go to /dev/null, which is not so good if some human tries to contact the team
> at that address; but this is supposed to change in the future.

I need to admit I'll wait until this implemented since it happens that
users try to contact the maintainer and this should be sent to real
persons.  In other words:  The e-mail address should behave like a
mailing list.  Speaking about this:  Will we have some kind of "archive"
of these mails?  I'm asking with the team metrics project in mind where
also maintainer lists were parsed ...
> An alternative solution for the Maintainer field would be to use the (hopefully
> to be created) debian-r@lists.debian.org. But this has the disadvantage that
> one will not be able to fine tune its subscriptions to DAK/BTS messages, since
> all will be sent to the list.

I also think we should have two different addresses: One for general
discussion (= debian-r@lists.debian.org) and one for package maintenance
> So, in short, there are two solutions for the Maintainer field:
> 1) team+r-pkg-team@tracker.debian.org
>    Pros: allows fine-tuning of DAK/BTS message subscriptions
>    Cons: human messages go to /dev/null (but this is temporary)
> 2) debian-r@lists.debian.org
>    Pros: simplicity (only one email address for the team)
>    Cons: address does not yet exist (but hopefully will)
> I vote for 1), but I am also fine with 2) if this is preferred.

For the moment I think both are not yet usable with a very slight
preference of 1).

Kind regards


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/r-pkg-team


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