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Re: Bug#865552: libbpp-phyl FTBFS with test failures

Dear Andreas,

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 10:53 AM, Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> wrote:
Hi Julien,

> > Also I am not sure what you intend by "explicit notification"... not
> > > sending an email to the full list, right?
> >
> > Well, your changes made it to the commit mailing list[1] and I would
> > have noticed this.  However, it would be nice if you could send an
> > additional e-mail to the Debian Med list to explain that you would like
> > this change to be uploaded or whether it is just an intermediate change
> > which needs other changes to finalise an uploadable package.  Sorry for
> > beeing a bit short about this.
> Ok, again I was not sure whether sending an email to the list regarding a
> particular package issue was appropriate. I will do that next time, I
> promise.


BTW, I CCed you the last time here - list policy assumes you are
subscribed but since I'm not sure there is a CC which I will not do in
future any more if you will not explicitly ask like "please CC me, since
I'm not subscribed".

I also assumed I was on the list, but I realize this might not be the case indeed, so that some of my previous emails might have been lost... I have now effectively subscribed (with this address).

> I found some bugs related to the .all files that were
> generated post-install, but this seems rather old as we have now removed
> this step.

Hmmm, the postinst is featuring the .all file creation.  Do you intend
to say that this is not necessary any more and we could remove postinst

Yes. Those files are actually not generated in version >= 2.3.0, we removed them following your suggestion when packaging v2.2.



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