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Re: Bug#865552: libbpp-phyl FTBFS with test failures

Hi Julien,

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 09:39:23AM +0200, Julien Yann Dutheil wrote:
> > ...
> >     apt-get source libbpp-seq
> >
> > your changes in Git are not visible.  So this kind of changes are really
> > made by quilt patches.  As far as I know and others here on this list
> > might comment about (that's why I again forward your mail to the list
> > and I keep on recommending using it right in the first place) there are
> > some tools that are able to turn git changes into a quilt patch but I
> > have not used these.
> I understand. So the procedure is, if I am correct:
> 1) make the changes
> 2) generate a quilt patch
> 3) commit to git

> I was confused because I use git format-patch to generate patches, and
> therefore found the quilt thing a bit redundant. But I understand that
> debian only "sees" the quilt patches (also because some packages may not be
> under git). Thanks for the clarifications.

You can create your patch using

   git format-patch
   cp format-patch_name debian/patches
   echo format-patch_name >> debian/patches/series
   quilt push -a
   quilt refresh
   quilt pop -a
   git add debian/patches/format-patch_name
   dch    # to add a changelog entry about the change
   git commit -a

Hope this helps to enhance our workflow (may be there is some tool to do
all this - others might know better than me).

> > Also I am not sure what you intend by "explicit notification"... not
> > > sending an email to the full list, right?
> >
> > Well, your changes made it to the commit mailing list[1] and I would
> > have noticed this.  However, it would be nice if you could send an
> > additional e-mail to the Debian Med list to explain that you would like
> > this change to be uploaded or whether it is just an intermediate change
> > which needs other changes to finalise an uploadable package.  Sorry for
> > beeing a bit short about this.
> Ok, again I was not sure whether sending an email to the list regarding a
> particular package issue was appropriate. I will do that next time, I
> promise.


BTW, I CCed you the last time here - list policy assumes you are
subscribed but since I'm not sure there is a CC which I will not do in
future any more if you will not explicitly ask like "please CC me, since
I'm not subscribed".
> > Thanks for your changes - please pull my changes to learn how to do
> > things properly in line with Debian packaging standards.
> Will do. One last question (and I apologize in advance if the answer was
> already given in our previous correspondence):

There is no need at all to apologize.  Asking questions like this here is
perfectly fine.

> how can I see what are the next issues to solve?

There are several web pages which create some kind of todo list for you.
The classical QA page for you is


>From my point of view this one is the best:


If you put your e-mail address into one field you get:


> I found some bugs related to the .all files that were
> generated post-install, but this seems rather old as we have now removed
> this step.

Hmmm, the postinst is featuring the .all file creation.  Do you intend
to say that this is not necessary any more and we could remove postinst
> Many thanks again for your patience and pedagogy. I am certainly learning a
> lot.

You are more than welcome.

Kind regards



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