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Re: RFP for bioperl's Bio-EUtilities

On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 12:23:22PM +0000, Carnë Draug wrote:
> Please upload with the current patch.  We are currently fixing this
> upstream [1] but it might take a while.  The reason is that while
> fixing this we noticed there is no code to reproduce the xml files
> used in the test suite (they are saved queries to e-utils).  I would
> rather fix the whole issue with a script that downloads new xml and
> inlines the DTDs than further distancing the xml in the repos from the
> real e-utils replies.

Uploaded to new queue.
> > Thanks for your helpful contribution (I admit its not clear to me
> > why you initially said you are not comfortable with the Debian
> > packaging - providing a quilt patch is somehow quite close to
> > beeing able to maintain the package ;-) )
> >
> When I wrote the email I wasn't comfortable.  I then spent all week at
> work setting up my system and learning the Debian maintainer tools
> with help from the pkg-perl team.

I'd happily add you as Uploader to the package.  You can feel free to
either maintain it in Debian Med team or move it to pkg-perl at your
preference.  Finally that's another proof that packaging is not that
hard. ;-)

Kind regards


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