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Re: Please check packaging of new version of snakemake

Hi Andreas,

On 17:58 09/01, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> I noticed that there is a new version of snakemake and I updated the Git
> repository accordingly.

Thanks, and sorry for not getting back to you till now.

> Strangely enough I had to inject a hack to run the build time tests.  Since
> there is no such binary bin/snakemake any more inside the upstream tarball I
> injected what's ending up inside the binary package via a quilt patch.  This
> seems to work but is so hackish that I would like to let another pair of
> eyeballs having a look whether there might be a more appropriate solution.

I've checked what you do, and AFAICT all is well. So long as the
patch-introduced bin/snakemake is never installed, I think all is well. One
note on the patch: that's an auto-generated binary you've patched in, which has
a bunch of stuff hard-coded (versions etc). This will break with the next
version, and be a real pain to keep the patch up to date. I've pushed a
functionally equivalent but more general patch, which should be better.

> Feel free to upload once you are happy with the package - any tests with real
> data are welcome for sure.

All seems well with a simple workflow of mine, so it *should* all work fine.
Fingers crossed!

Happy sprinting all!


Kevin Murray

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