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BioConductor Edger now seems to really need locfit


since BioConductor has a new version I took the chance of the newly
available tool dh-r (using dh instead of cdbs) to upload all new
BioConductor packages (and when doing so switch drom cdbs to dh-r).
This went quite smoothly.

The only exception is r-bioc-edger.  It seems it now really needs
r-cran-locfit which is non-free (see #731599).  All previous attempts to
contact the original author of the locfit code failed.  It would be
really great to free locfit since this would also free cufflinks and
some other R packages would profit as well.

So if anybody could try to search for the author (Twitter & co. helped
a bit in previous cases) we might be able to do something.

Kind regards



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