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FreeMedForms information

Hi everyone,

Firstly, excuse me for beeing so quiet these past few months.

I wanted to inform you that the FreeMedForms project is still alive and will release soon a 1.0 version after one year of testing and debugging.

The project has just been forked by Jérôme Pinguet. The code and wiki are actually reproduced on one other website (a copy/paste effort). As he tells me, he wanted to have his own soft for his commercial activities and that he will ignore open source users comments and wishes... The FreeMedForms community will not support this fork and some members of the community asked me to bannish Jérôme Pinguet. Nothing is done yet. All his access to the community servers, wiki, forum, repositories are currently removed. I think he stole private data too. There is a threat, he will probably not respect the GPL license terms.

Open source can lead to such a situation, I hope we will find the best way to figure this. For sure, the FreeMedForms project is still alive and will pursue its efforts !


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