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RE: Please enable free redistribution of Multiple Sclerosis Severity Score

Dear Andreas

I'm flattered that Debian is approaching me again about this 10 years later.

The program is used widely and freely by anyone who wants to - hundreds of
citations to date is strong evidence of this.

I do not see that there is a problem that needs fixing

So I do not intend to change the way that MSSS test is available


-----Original Message-----
From: Andreas Tille [mailto:andreas@an3as.eu] 
Sent: Monday, 11 January 2016 8:43 p.m.
To: Richard Roxburgh; Debian Med Project List
Subject: Please enable free redistribution of Multiple Sclerosis Severity

Hi Richard,

I'm writing you on behalf of the Debian Med team a group inside Debian that
has the objective to make Debian the best distribution for medicine and
biology by packaging according software for main Debian.  Following this
attitude we have created Debian packages of mssstest[1].

The thing is that the licensing statement says:

   Anyone may copy it but no one may sell it.

which is a restriction that is regarded as non-free according to the Debian
Free Software Guidelines.  So mssstest was never part of the official Debian

We would like you to reconsider the restriction under the following

 - Did you earned a mentionable amount of money by selling mssstest
 - Do you consider that anybody else would earn a mentionable amount
   of money by selling a freely licensed program?
 - Would you agree that it is in the interest of mssstest code and
   the users to have a free distribution inside Debian?

It would be great if you would simply drop the restriction and enable us to
integrate mssstest into Debian properly.

Kind regards


[1] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/mssstest


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