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Re: Almost ready: indelible

Hi Fabian,

On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 04:16:57PM +0100, Fabian Klötzl wrote:
> I tried to contact the upstream authors two weeks ago via the provided
> form as no e-mail address is available. But so far there is no response,
> and I doubt there ever will be as the author left the institution in
> 2011. Furthermore, I was unable to track their current whereabouts due
> to their common name.

Ahhh, the "usual" situation. :-)  So it is not your fault if they provide
no means for contacting ...
> Also, as the package has seen no update since 2011, I don't think there
> will be an update in the near future.

> > Once you are using a get-orig-source script you can decide to strip the
> > files there.  Or you can use Files-Excluded in debian/copyright to let
> > uscan do its work.
> Thanks for the pointers. I'll try my best.

Our package template has an example script where you can drain ideas


Kind regards



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