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Re: Almost ready: indelible

Hi Fabian,

thanks for working on indelible

On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 03:15:21PM +0100, Fabian Klötzl wrote:
> indelible [1] is almost ready for sponsoring. However there are two
> more issues bothering me.
> 1) There is not proper upstream URL for watching. The actual download
> URL contains a string looking like a hash to me and thus may be
> subject to change. Thus I only provide a get-orig-source script. Is
> the the right way to go?

Hmmm, in this case this is a tricky question.  I think in any case you
should contact upstream.  They did some means to know who is downloading
their source code.  I think we should be fair to them and tell them that
distributing it via Debian will spoil their means since people can
download the source from the Debian mirrors.  They have choosen GPL so
this should be no issue - but we should be so fair to upstream to tell
them.  As a reward they would get real usage numbers of Debian users
via popcon.

Once you tell them you could ask them to go a step further and offer
something we could download via uscan which has the advantage that we
learn soon about updates and always provide the latest version.
> 2) The original download tar-ball contains binaries for Mac and
> Windows. Should I get rid off them, and if so, how?

Once you are using a get-orig-source script you can decide to strip the
files there.  Or you can use Files-Excluded in debian/copyright to let
uscan do its work.
Kind regards



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