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Re: transitions and binnmu

Hi Andreas, 

> I'd suggest we migrate all our packages manually to be sure.
Well, for insighttoolkit4 I request a binnmu, this build occupies the
computer for 12+ hours, the others in debian-med I'll do manually.    

> Please let me know if you need more upload permissions.

For now this would be aeskulap. 

plastimatch and itksnap must wait for the insighttoolkit4 build.

fw4spl is also in the list, but it seems that it will need quite some
work, it still depends on itk-3.20, vtk5, and qt4, and there is a new
upstream available. 

I think camitk is also waiting for an upstream transition to vtk6. 

There are some more packages from the science team for which I think a
binnmu would be better to not interfere with their work. 


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