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transitions and binnmu

Hi all, 

now that I took some more responsibility, i.e. also for gdcm and dcmtk
I'm wondering about one detail: with the changed SO-versions of these
packages should I request BinNMUs or is this done automatically. For
example I see a auto-dcmtk transition but not auto-gdcm. 

I've read the documentation about transitions [1], and there it says
that one first should upload libraries with new SO-versions to
experimental, (so far I can still blame my sponsor for not doing so :),
but the number of reverse dependencies for these packages is quite
limited and AFAIK they all are debian-med maintained. 

Any pointers how to proceed? - Because there is quite a list of
packages that could transit to testing if the dependencies on old
versions of dcmtk and gdcm could be cleared.

Many thanks, 

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ReleaseTeam/Transitions

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