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Re: Orthanc 0.9.5

Hi Andreas,

> > I have just updated the DebianMed repository with the newest upstream
> > version of Orthanc (0.9.5) [1].
> Uploaded.


> Remark: My personal policy is to migrate those packages that are using
> orig.tar.?z archives which are not byte identical with what is
> downloaded from upstream (for instance due to the removal of files like
> JS as in theorthanc case) from SVN to Git.  This has the advantage that
> the orig.tar.?z is in pristine-tar branch and sponsor and sponsee are
> working on the very same file.  What do you think about using a Git
> repository for the maintenance of orthanc?  I'd for sure volunteer to
> migrate the current state since I have quite some experience in doing
> this.

AFAIC, there is no problem to switch the source of the "orthanc" Debian package from SVN to git... but, indeed, I will not be able to make the migration by myself. Please could you bootstrap the process?


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