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Re: bart - tools for computational magnetic resonance imaging

Hi Martin,

On Tue, Dec 01, 2015 at 03:00:25PM +0000, Uecker, Martin wrote:
> thank you for your answer!

You are welcome. :-)
> Andreas Tille:
> > I have not yet checked out this and before I do I would like to suggest
> > that you move the actual Debian packaging to git.debian.org where all
> > our packaging code resides.  This as several advantages (if interested
> > I could list them - one example would be that your work could be listed
> > on our imaging page[1] even in this stage).
> Ok, I created an account and applied for debian-med membership.

> > My suggestion would be that you check out our team policy[2] that
> > explains how to maintain a package in our packaging Git.  Since we have
> > also a mentoring program called Mentoring of the Month[3] and there is a
> > free slot for December I wonder whether you like to become a MoM
> > student.  Considering that you are obviously comfortable with gbp I'm
> > quite positive that we will succeede in way less than a month.
> > 
> > What to you think about this?
> Sounds good. I am fairly busy though, so I am not sure how well
> the mentoring would work -  there will be times where I am not 
> going to be able to respond at all. But I will try to spend some
> time packaging this project, and could certainly use a
> lot of advise. 

Thanks for letting me know.  Please try at least to get ssh access 

     ssh git.debian.org

via ssh key and commit the repository.  I'll check what changes might be
needed and let you know.  The MoM project is in the first place to lower
the barrier for asking questions the student might be afraid about to be
qualified as "stupid".  Just feel free to ask anything you wonder about
since I do not remember any stupid question here. ;-)

Kind regards



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