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Re: Packging jModelTest for Debian and versioning

Hi Diego,

On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 10:44:16PM +0100, Diego Darriba wrote:
> jModelTest searches for the binaries in the local path, unless it is
> configured for using the global path, since the phyml version installed
> by the user might not be compatible. I will change the default behavior
> such that it searches for global binaries first, and tests the suitability.

This would be a very sensible enhancement.
> Do you use any standard test suite? Could you send me an example of
> other software that already incorporates this?

I think there is no such thing as a standard test suite.  I admit I have
no experience with Java but in Python and R there are at least four
different test frameworks (in both) I have seen used by authors of such

May be others here on this list might be able to provide some input -
otherwise a web search might uncover what would fit your application
best (which I feel unable to decide).

Thanks a lot for your support



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