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How to mention Debian-external support for applications?!?


we have quite some tools and packages for which there is support from
upstream (there are these kind of infrastructure grants) or there are
some external consultants whose time one can rent.

>From our debian-med.alioth.debian.org home page we have a link to
which lists EagleGenomics (some more come to mind by now, please raise
your hands)
and there is also
that should possibly also be updated. Not even the folks behind
Bio-Linux are appearing, which they definitely should.

Are there any ideas popping up on how to give references to individual
packages and respective support? Should this possibly be in the task pages?

I am writing this in an attempt to gather ideas for a presentation of
Debian Med on scientific conference. What should not happen is that
a booth of ours attracts many people that are yet somewhat remote to our
community, maybe those with a more biological background that are now
forced into next-generation sequencing. The posters of the booth say
that Debian is well-equipped and runs on all today's popular cloud
infrastructures, but we then have nobody to take them along. Ideas?

Many greetings


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