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Re: Questions before RFS

On Friday, October 09 2015, Andreas Tille wrote:

Hey Andreas,

>> > basically a single commit from 1.5 years ago with obviously no further
>> > interest.  And I would really remove the old repository since I would
>> > recommend to use the default packaging scheme with pristine-tar due to
>> > the fact that you need to remove files from the upstream tarball.
>> Yeah, great, I was going to propose to recreate the repository from
>> scratch indeed.  So here's my next question, then: do I have the
>> necessary rights to do it on git.debian.org?
> I think any member of the team can - but I just did it now to not loose
> time in case it might not work for you.

Indeed, I now see that everybody in the team have write permissions to
all repositories.  But thanks for removing it anyway.

I'll push my repository to a temporary location at my server so that you
can review it, and once everything is OK I'll push it to the official


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