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Re: Questions before RFS

Hi Sergio,

On Thu, Oct 08, 2015 at 02:03:49AM -0400, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
> I am finishing packaging SleepyHead
> (<http://sleepyhead.sourceforge.net/wiki/>, ITP on Bug#780060), and
> Andreas kindly suggested that I put the package under the Debian Med
> umbrella (which I obviously accepted).  However, before proceeding with
> the Request for Sponsorship I would like to ask a few questions.

Most of them were answered by Afif - I try to cover the remaining ones.
> 0) While looking at the git repositories, I found
> <http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-med/sleepyhead.git/>.  I assume
> this means that someone (Ulisses S. Freitas, probably) started an
> attempt to package the software, but apparently never finished it.  I

I checked this out and noticed that this is rather a clone of the
upstream Git and very small changes to our existing packaging template.

> could not find any message/ITP related to this attempt;

This might (or might not) be related to my habit also delay an ITP until
I'm really sure I can finish the package.  Since chances are low that
several people at the same time are working on the same package I take
the freedom to derive from the usual practice for the simple reason to
avoid ITPs bitrotting inside BTS.

> is this OK to
> proceed with my (almost complete) efforts?  I am copying Ubiratan on
> this message.

>From my perspective it is OK to drop the old repository since it is
basically a single commit from 1.5 years ago with obviously no further
interest.  And I would really remove the old repository since I would
recommend to use the default packaging scheme with pristine-tar due to
the fact that you need to remove files from the upstream tarball.

> 4) This one should probably go to debian-mentors, but I'll take my
> chances here.  SleepyHead is shipped with some bundled libraries, which
> I already removed from the compilation process in order to meet our
> policy.  However, their files are still in the tree (specifically a
> "jquery.js" file that is causing a lintian error)).  I tried using the
> "Files-Excluded:" directive on debian/copyright, without success.  I've
> seen that Andreas got involved in the discussions about implementing
> Files-Excluded, so I would like to know: what is the right thing to do
> in this case?  My current plan (not implemented yet) is to create a new
> repository with "gbp import-orig" while providing the "--filter="
> parameter to not import the bundles.  Any other suggestion?

I'd like to stress Afif's suggestion to use Files-Excluded.
> Well, I guess that's it.  Thanks for the time and patience.

You are welcome.  Feel free to keep on asking here if not all your
questions might have answered properly.

Kind regards



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