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Re: Questions before RFS

On Thursday, October 08 2015, Afif Elghraoui wrote:

> Hi, Sergio,

Hey, Afif,

Thanks for your answers.

>> 3) I have read the policy
>> <http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/docs/policy.html>, but I could not
>> find explicit instructions on how to request the creation of the git
>> repository for my new package.  And then I just saw that there is a
>> repository already created for it, so maybe there's no need to create
>> anything new...  But I'll ask the question anyway: if I were to request
>> a new repository for my new package, how should I have proceeded?
> The directions are in the policy, but I just noticed that it's not under
> an appropriately titled heading. See the section under "Git tips" titled
> "Pushing to git.debian.org, creating a new bare repository on Alitoh"
> Basically, there is a setup-repository script that you execute to create
> your repository in Debian Med's git folder on Alioth. The actual
> commands to do this are explained in the policy section I mentioned.

Hm, OK, thanks.  Now I remember having read this section before, but I
did not remember about it when I was writing the e-mail.  Sorry about
that.  I will follow-up with this question on Andreas' e-mail, because
(as stated before) the repository already exists, so we might need to
recreate it from scratch (that's my preference).

>> 4) This one should probably go to debian-mentors, but I'll take my
>> chances here.  SleepyHead is shipped with some bundled libraries, which
>> I already removed from the compilation process in order to meet our
>> policy.  However, their files are still in the tree (specifically a
>> "jquery.js" file that is causing a lintian error)).  I tried using the
>> "Files-Excluded:" directive on debian/copyright, without success.  I've
>> seen that Andreas got involved in the discussions about implementing
>> Files-Excluded, so I would like to know: what is the right thing to do
>> in this case?  My current plan (not implemented yet) is to create a new
>> repository with "gbp import-orig" while providing the "--filter="
>> parameter to not import the bundles.  Any other suggestion?
> The Files-Excluded field is taken into account by uscan when it is set
> to repack the source (which is what happens if you set the repacksuffix
> option in the debian/watch file-- see uscan(1) for details).
> For a new package, I usually remove the offending files manually and
> repack the tarball before doing gbp import-orig. I don't think it
> matters how you do it. In future revisions of the package, when there's
> a new release and if you have the watch file set up to repack, you can
> just do `gbp import-orig --pristine-tar --uscan` and the Files-Excluded
> will be honored.

Aha, alright, good to know that I was on the right track.  Thanks for
clarifying a few other things for me.


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