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About CommonTK (CTK) and Slicer4

Hi all, 

I had a look into what work needs to be done to packaging these. 


- the experimental package created by Mathieu and Dominique still used 
  qt4 and vtk5
- I've managed to build the current upstream version against qt5 and 
  vtk6, two small patches are required that I sent upstream [1]. Since 
  so far no official version exists I'll wait a little that they 
  integrate these patches and then move forward to create the new 

- From what I could see it is still based on QT4 but requires VTK6,   
  and the vtkRenderQT widget which comes with the QT5 flavor in sid. 

Dominique your last work on this is from 2013, did you work on this
later on? Can you give me any pointers about difficulties with 


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