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Re: Packaging HTQC for Debian - one test failure


On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 01:09:33PM +0800, Xi Yang wrote:
> Hi:
> >From a packagers point of view it makes sense to use the same name as
> >the download archive.  If you might continue to maintain htqc1 and htqc2
> >our automatic sentinel that tracks download locations will have touble
> >to realise new versions of htqc (version 1) since the htqc2 download
> >tarballs seem to be higher.
> Would it help if I put HTQC 1 and 2 in separate directories in sourceforge download site?

This would enable the version tracking mechanism to work properly.

> >I'll put this on my todo list.  In any case you could help me to write a
> >proper description that explains the differences to the users.  The
> >current packaging (under the name htqc - I did not yet updated to htqc2)
> >contains the description you see here:
> Is it possible to use the same description for HTQC 1 and 2? Because the changes are subtle, and the major change is about programming API and program functionality separation.

Sure that is "possible" but descriptions are way to transport a message
to your users to give them a helping hand to decide what program to use.
In this sense I do not consider identical descriptions as the best idea.

Since you did not suggested any change to the description here

I assume you are happy with it, right?

Kind regards



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