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Re: orthanc-postgresql

Hi Karsten,

> > By moving orthanc.init into the newly created
> > orthanc-sqlite package, I had to move "debian/orthanc.init"
> > to "debian/orthanc-sqlite.init". In turn, after
> > installation, this renames "/etc/init.d/orthanc.init" as
> > "/etc/init.d/orthanc-sqlite.init".
> Whoa, really, why ?

Because other Orthanc plugins (e.g. orthanc-webviewer) need to restart Orthanc after their installation, in order for Orthanc to load them...

Concretely, they would need to do either "/etc/init.d/orthanc-sqlite restart" or "/etc/init.d/orthanc-postgresql restart" in their postinst/postrm, depending on the installed back-end. I therefore feel that it is more simple for all these back-ends to use "/etc/init.d/orthanc", so that the plugin packages can be agnostic of the back-end.

But maybe I am totally wrong?


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