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Re: Bug#778852: RFS: ismrmrd/1.2.1-1 [ITP #732360] -- ISMRM Raw Data Format.

On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 08:34:06PM +0000, Ghislain Vaillant wrote:
> Thanks Andreas,
> Can I ask you to re-upload ismrmrd please ? I forgot to change the
> maintainer field to d-med, but more importantly, did not license the
> debian/ folder under a license compatible with upstream, which could cause
> problems with patches in the future. Thanks !

I can certainly do but I think it is better to answer the "package in new"
mail from ftpmaster with "Please reject" and wait until this has happened.
Otherwise there will be some conflict with equally named files ...

> For the D-M application, I am seriously considering it.


Kind regards



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