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Re: How to submit software for addition to BioLinux?

Hi Simon,

On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 09:32:37AM +0000, Simon Sadedin wrote:
> I guess I have a ³simple² question but it might be a bit of a showstopper
> - Bpipe relies on a number of java libraries that are fetched in binary
> form from online repositories at build time. If I understand Debian policy
> correctly, that is not allowable. I checked through the packages and a
> number of them seem to be either unavailable in Debian or they are
> available but not with recent enough versions.
> If I understand the situation right, my options would be -
>  - somehow get all these third party libraries submitted / updated into
> debian 

>  - package the source for all these libraries inside the Bpipe package and
> have the package build all the dependent libraries it needs as part of its
> own build. 

I'm not sure whether this option is less effort and it is definitely a
way which is way worse then the first one.

> The first I am afraid would be far beyond the time I have to commit. The
> second is probably also quite a lot of work, but its more feasible.
> Are these my only options?

... if you are targeting at Debian main i See no further options.

> NB: this seems to be a similar situation to OpenClinica a few years ago.
> Thread here:
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-med/2011/11/msg00006.html

It might help to provide a similar list and add the information what
packges are available and in what cases a version upgrade would be
needed.  This would enable us to estimate the effort for the group (not
only for you alone).

Kind regards



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