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Re: Re: debian med packages in the ELIXIR registry

Hello everybody,

I recommend to balance practical availability of development time with
more ideal point of views on the design.

Ideally, EDAM data would be pulled from the UDD, and injected to the UDD
not only through upstream/metadata files, but also through other sources
of information, in particular Debtags, that also include ways to express
how two packages can interface.

But the easiest way to start is to write EDAM files directly.  I do not think
that there is a strong conflict here: there is a migration path from one
approach to the other.

Lastly, as small nitpick: if the EDAM file describes the Debian package as
a whole, and not just the software packaged in, then the debian/upstream
directory is, at least in aestethically, not the right place to store it.

Have a nice day,


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