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Re: Lets talk about debian/upstream/edam (Was: r18733 - in trunk/packages/bowtie/tags: . 1.1.1-2/debian 1.1.1-2/debian/upstream)

Hi Hervé,

On Tue, Feb 03, 2015 at 03:32:12PM +0100, Hervé Ménager wrote:
> >Charles had removed the file which was recently added at the sprint - I
> >guess because he was not aware about its nature.  I think before those
> >files will be added we should talk about it and send a short
> >introduction to the list.
> I completely agree with you, and I am sorry if any of my actions
> actually disturbed the work of debian team members.

As Charles meanwhile confirmed it was no real problem.
> >Hervé, Steffen, would you be so kind to do this?
> I would suggest that I write a draft for such an introduction, then
> validate it with Andreas, Steffen and Jon Ison before to send it.
> What about it?

Either this or discussing it right on the mailing list.  IMHO it is the
right forum.

> >which is completely available in UDD you most probably are suffering
> >from an unfortunate design for the problem you want to solve.  I admit
> >I'm coming up a bit late with this since the Sprint is over but I have
> >realised this right now.  We should have definitely talked about the
> >usage of UDD which contains *all* machine readable metadate about our
> >packages in a very easily accessible form.
> If UDD contains all the metadata, then yes, I'm all in favor of
> this! I really like parsing files, but if there is already a unified
> source for this, I'll have a look into it.

The different sources of information are just parsed and assembled in
UDD.  Any additional parsing is IMHO duplicated work and error prone.

> Should we discuss this in
> the "introduction" thread?

Yes, this makes perfectly sense.

Kind regards



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