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Re: Sponsoring request: miaviewit-1.0.0

Hello Andreas, 
> > * On powerpc  libgtkglext1-dev misses the dependency on
> > libpangox-1.0-dev  
> >   (#709554) and libpangox-1.0-dev is not used nor available on x86_64
> > and i386. 
> ??? so on what architecture did you build the package?

Preparation was done on x86_64, then I have a  pbuilder  environment 
for x86_64 and for i386, and finally an Powerbook on Debian powerpc,
also with pbuilder. 

In the end it built on all systems, but still its my fault. As I see now
the pangox-compat that really replaces the old libpango-*-dev packages
and results in bug #709554 came in just yesterday, and today I only did
the dist-upgrade on powerpc. The other updates I did a few days ago.

This means the "libpangox-1.0-dev"  must be set for all platforms, or we
wait until #709554 is fixed. 

The latest mialmpick upload will have the same problem. 

best wishes, 

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