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Sponsoring request: miaviewit-1.0.0

Dear all, 

I've uploaded "miaviewit"  to 


This package closes ITP  #694442. 

Note,  that the ITP refers to "viewitgui" which I (as upstream) renamed
to miaviewit to be more consistent with the MIA toolchain.

The package "mia-viewit" includes the actual application, and therefore,
it would make sense to list it in the Imaging task.

The build was tested on x86_64, i386, and powerpc.

Known problems: 

* lintian -I libmiaviewit0 no-symbols-control-file ...

* On powerpc  libgtkglext1-dev misses the dependency on
  (#709554) and libpangox-1.0-dev is not used nor available on x86_64
and i386. 
 Therefore, I added an arch-dependent build dependency on
  that should and will be deleted once the bug is fixed.

Many thanks, 

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