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Re: Upload of praat 5.3.46-1

* Joost van Baal-Ilić <joostvb-debian-med-20130522-1@mdcc.cx> [2013-05-22 00:07]:

On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 09:29:55AM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 08:39:11AM +0200, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
I forgot to say two things:

1) I reverted my previous changes in Git regarding the linking against the native GSL library. The version in HEAD uses now the GSL sources shipped in the pristine tarball, since this is the desire of the upstream author.

Uhmmm, so your negotiations about using packaged libraries did not helped? That's sad. Was it a pure "desire" or did he gave reasons for this. I mean: I could perfectly follow good reasons based on a diff or a test case that might fail when using option B instead of option A. However, following pure desire in contrast to my technical understanding is not really convincing to me.

Or maybe there was no new statement from upstream about this?  Rafael?

I based my decision on what the upstream author wrote some time ago, in a discussion forwarded to debian-med:

* Paul Boersma <paul.boersma@uva.nl> [2013-04-13 22:53]:

Op 13 apr. 2013, om 22:24 heeft Rafael Laboissiere het volgende geschreven:

It fails, unfortunately:

   Error: Script assertion fails in line 32 (undefined):
      abs (fisherQ (invFisherQ (i/1000, df1, df2), 1, 100000) - 3/1000) < 1e-11   ; 3 1 100000

OK, this may be due to only a minor precision problem in GSL or to another set of NaN values in GSL, so determining whether a dynamic GSL library would work for Praat at all will require more testing on our part. For the time being, and perhaps indefinitely, we'll stay with statically linking our libraries, at least for all the editions we produce from here.

best wishes, Paul



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