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Wheezy release notes


as you probably all have noticed[1] the release comes close.  This is
now time for release notes of the Debian Med team were we should specify
all those challenging new things we did.  Any volunteer to start with

Besides the release notes everybody can very easily do something to make
the user impression for our software in Wheezy even better.  Please pick
the task of your choice from


and start providing screenshots for the packages.  You can easily follow
the yellow button on the right saying "Upload screenshot" and you are at
the upload page for the screenshot that is used in several ways in
Debian.  It is used by the graphical installers (synaptic, etc.) it is
used on the package web page and for sure on our tasks pages.  Just take
a screenshot from some programm which is lacking one and help our users
to pick the right software.

You can also check the DebTags of packages.  If you see a yellow button
that says "Go tagging" the package does not have any DebTags assigned
but it definitely should.  So if you want to make sure users will find
their packages using DebTags techniques - just go tagging!

You got the pattern that yellow buttons on the tasks pages are marking
some work to do for you?  Fine!  You have probably detected the
"Translate description" buttons (in case you are looking at localised
tasks pages - the English version does not show this link).  So you are
the experts who are able to understand the descriptions.  Do not trust
random translators but rather be the first to translate a description
(or fix a broken translation).  This might also help users to understand
what the package is about (and yes, I know the argument that scientists
are expected to understand English - just prove this statement by
translating the description into your mother language).

In short:  To prepare the Wheezy release

   1. Add screenshots
   2. Add DebTags
   3. Translate package descriptions

This work would be perfectly right in time to reach Wheezy users if you
start right now.

Kind regards


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2013/04/msg00006.html


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