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Re: MIA upload

Hello Andreas,

I pushed the changes. It took a bit more time, because I wanted to make the build more strict to make sure that missing dependencies are not silently dropped.

On 12/17/12 09:18, Andreas Tille wrote:
OK, this did not yet changed - so I'm waiting for your confirmation.
Besides this I do not see any issues with the packaging and I think I
will upload if you are finished with the renaming (or simply decide that
your original names are fine - I was just giving you a hint for
consideration of names that are usual, i.e. if you insist on your
original names this would be fine as well.)

I renamed the according packages to mia-tools, mia-tools-dbg, and mia-tools-doc. The libmia-2.0-dev package descripion was also updated.


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