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Re: status on picard-tools and issue with libsnappy-java

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 09:45:59AM +0200, olivier.sallou@codeless.fr wrote:
> > I tried something along this path and created
> >
> >     git://git.debian.org/debian-med/snappy1.0.3-java.git
> >
> > However, when doing so I noticed that all downloadable versions
> > snappy-java-1.0.3.[1-3].tar.gz are unfortunately NOT featuring our
> > target class LoadSnappy.  I wonder whether somebody could contact
> > picard-tools upstream again what exact version they are using (and
> > perhaps nagging again that finally using unmaintained code is definitely
> > not a good idea - beeing angry about ABI changes or not.)
> They refer to snappy 1.0.3-rc3 [0]. LoadSnappy is available there.

I can find this file here but there is no such downloadable tarball (any
more).  Any hint, how to reasonably check out the source?

And I would like to repeat:  A project that relies on orphaned /
deprecated upstream / unmaintained code is at least questionable and
I wonder whether we should really support this.

Kind regards

> [0]
> http://code.google.com/p/snappy-java/source/browse/?name=snappy-java-1.0.3-rc3#hg%2Fsrc%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Forg%2Fxerial%2Fsnappy


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