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Re: Free Clinic

On Friday, July 13, 2012 02:15:15 PM Nicolas Barbier wrote:

> 2012/7/13 Chuck Peters <cp@axs.org>:

> > A volunteer of our local Free Clinic asked me about migrating the

> > patient records from Microsoft Access to another sql database. I could

> > help them setup a Debian server, but I have no experience with medical

> > records systems or migrating db's from MS Access to whatever.


> (I am assuming that they use some custom-built Access-based software

> to manage their records.)



I (maybe wrongly) assumed that they have data in some MS Access frontend/backend but might be willing to start fresh.


> The difficulty of such a migration totally depends on the source database:


> * What do they store? (Does everything have a corresponding “field” in

> GNUmed?)


It is essential to know more about the current solution.


> * How good do they want the result to be? (Is it ok to migrate a

> bunch of things in a free text form, i.e., is it good enough to just “not

> lose” the previous data?)



Often we see that historical data is kept in the old app and new data is added to the new app. Depending on how much information can be obtained about the old app we might be able to assist you in transferring as much as possible.


> You probably will have to go through their database schema, identify

> the meaning of each column in detail, and make decisions regarding the

> above questions. Then you would probably write a script to read,

> convert, and inject the data into a GNUmed database.






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