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Re: Refactoring source packaging, Linux specific

Le 23 mars 2012 à 14:12, Eric MAEKER a écrit :

>> What I'm wondering about is: How can we now upgrade the freediams
>> packages inside Debian

Ok the problem is that the freemedforms-project builds all FreeMedForms sub-project binaries including:
- a virtual main package (for the changelog and presentation) called freemedforms-project
- FreeMedForms EMR
- FreeDiams
- (FreeICD)
- (FreeAccount)
- common and specific libs, theme, data and docs for all sub-projects

We want to keep the freediams package updated. The freediams source package seems useless now (in term of code compilation). So I suggest to create one kind of "virtual source package". This freediams source package will not compile anything and will depend on the freemedforms-project package.

I join a draft control file that can be used this way. If this is correct, I can update the freediams && freeicd projects on the svn (and move project to git). Then we could firstly upload the freemedforms-project and once accepted we could update the freediams and freeicd packages.

Is that sound correct ?

Eric Maeker, MD (Fr)
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http://asso.freemedforms.com : Association 1901 des utilisateurs de la suite FreeMedForms
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