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Re: [MoM] Regarding status of fis-gtm-initial package

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 11:36:52AM -0500, Bhaskar, K.S wrote:
> [KSB2] Yes, under /usr/lib/fis-gtm is a terrible place for temporary
> files!  As the files in the GT.M binary tarball can all be deleted
> post installation, the installation script can use mktemp -d to
> create a temporary directory.

Well, from a packagers perspective you should not delete what you once
have installed because the packaging mechanism wants to remove
everything that was installed before.  So it is a good idea to keep the
files that come with the package.  In so far my suggestion to keep the
untared files inside the *.deb package is questionable because they
need to remain.  Perhaps this was Thorsten's motivation to just store
the tarball.  So the option would be to do the following:

   1. tarball into /var/lib/fis-gtm/distribution
   2. in postinst do:
        FISUNPACKDIR=`mktemp -d`
	tar -xzf /var/lib/fis-gtm/distribution/*.tar.gz
	cd ..

Does this sound reasonable?

> [KSB2] The "configure" script in a GT.M binary distribution does
> only those things that need to be done on each target machine.

So this is the run_whatever_command_needs_to_be_run command above?

> >In other words:  As far as I understood the issue in Debian we need a
> >package we can Build-Depend from to build the fis-gtm package targeting
> >at production machines.  This Build-Dependency will run on any random
> >machine which is just running in a freshly created chroot of the build
> >machine.  Do such special cases require the "should be run on the
> >machine where a binary GT.M distribution is being installed" feature?
> >It actually serves the single and only purpose to build the production
> >package and will be deinstalled later.
> [KSB2] fis-gtm-initial should only be run on a machine on which GT.M
> binary distributions are built from GT.M source distributions.  And
> it is only needed for th at very first single bootstrap.  Once there
> is a GT.M package, fis-gtm-initial is unnecessary.  It is exactly
> the same problem as gcc - you only need an initial special gcc for
> that very first compilation of gcc.  After that, you can use the gcc
> you built last time to build the next gcc.
This seems to be the same statement as I tried to give above with
probably better words.

> And I am glad that Luis decided to jump in to what is clearly a very
> complex package.

Yep.  Thanks for your brave attempt



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