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Re: trunk/packages/swarm/trunk/debian

Hi Scott,

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 04:07:06PM -0600, Scott Christley wrote:
> I have committed a few changes to the swarm package, most notably the passing of correct parameters to configure, so now the package looks to build completely.  However, the deb files are essentially empty.  Could somebody please take a look and give me a hint for how to package shared libraries?  I'm not sure what I am missing.

You are probably need to override dh_auto_build because when looking at
the log file nothing is actually builded.

It might be that the Build-Depends are not correctly set.  The configure
script ends with

  checking for Tcl configuration... configure: WARNING: Can't find Tcl configuration definitions

However, I'd expect to throw configure a proper return code if this
would be critical.

Apropos Build-Depends:  I noticed that you dropped ${gnustep:Depends}
from the list of Depends.  In case this is concerned to somehow not
support gnustep in the current packaging (where you might have reasons
for) you most probably will be able to drop Build-Depends gobjc, gperf
as well.  However, I do not know anything about libswarm and it is
rather your decision whether gnustep is wanted or not.

Once you fixed the dh_auto_build target you need to create
debian/*.install files telling dh_install where to put those files (see
man dh_install).

Further hint: Please make yourself comfortable with dh-autoreconf.  I
recently used it in the package exonerate to make sure automake stuff
will be handled properly and easily.

Last hint: The packaging is lacking a debian/copyright file.  Please use
DEP5 format[1] - we have several examples in Debian Med SVN to
shamelessly copy and paste from.

Have you read about my MOM announcement in the last mail to the Debian
Med list?  Want to become a MOM student?

Kind regards


[1] http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/


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