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Some Ginkgo issues (ITK, wxWidgets)


We made some tests to inspect the behavior you noticed.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that there is two bug categories affecting them:

* wxWidgets
Due some "fuzzy" tickets like: http://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/13146 http://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/13149
it seems to me that there are some Gnome Unity incompatibilities with wxWidgets.

1) We have not deep into the colorpace problem yet, but clearly, the color inversion issue is explained in this Malaterre's wiki section:
So the problem is ours and have to think about how to adapt the gdcm 2.x change in ginkgocadx reading pipeline.
2) We have tried ITK 4.0 from trunk. Ginkgo will work with that version.
3) We have not full tried the segfault on dicom open. Seems not happening on ITK4, but deep testing still work in progress.

BTW: I forgot to notice you that new 2.6.0 final includes http proxy support.

Best regards.
Carlos Barrales Ruiz
[+34] 983 108 494

c\ Vinos de la Ribera del Duero, 5. 1º B.
E47008. Valladolid. Spain.


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