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Re: Debian Med ... why?

[answer on list after stripping possibly not public stuff]

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 08:42:46AM +0100, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> One way out will be to make one of the (bio-)medical distributions so superior 
> that all effort by other distros is stopped at the mere thought of it.

While it was never intended to work against any other distribution I
agree with Sebastian that I'd call it insane to choose any other Linux
distribution than Debian when working in medical care.  The reason for
this situation is rather historical: When the Debian Med effort started
Debian was the only community driven distribution (Fedora and OpenSuSE
did not existed) where I was able to do my own choices and give the
directions I needed.  So no bashing of other disrtibutions was intended
in the past nor is it now.
> My advice today ? If one is not going to switch to Debian anytime soon it 
> would be best to focus on
> a) the few apps one is using him-/herself and maybe packaging them
> b) help with translations which is a benefit for all distributions
> c) help with spreading the word which could potentially bring new users to any 
> distribution

I'd subscribe these advises.
> > > I'll try to create a survey to find out what doctors need.
> That in itself is useful as it will help every distribution understand what 
> doctors need. You might want to make different survey for different specialties.

Apropos survey:  You might be interested in this link:

May be creating a similar survey for medical care and microbiology
would be a quite interesting thing to do.

Kind regards



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