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Re: Ginkgo-Cadx

On Thu, Nov 03, 2011 at 09:33:05PM +0100, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> After installing, the following source dependencies are still unsatisfied:
> libvtk5-dev(inst 5.4.2-8ubuntu4 ! >= wanted 5.6.0) libinsighttoolkit3-dev(inst 3.18.0-5build2 ! >= wanted 3.20.0) 
> libmysqlclient16(inst 5.1.54-1ubuntu4 ! >= wanted 5.1.57)
> Source-dependencies not satisfied; skipping ginkgocadx
> Could someone please comment on the versions of the dependencies.

As far as I was involved I always have choosen the minimal required
version of a dependency (either because of the recommendation in
upstream documentation or because I learned from failures to build).

You can always follow the procedure:  Decrease the version of the
dependency to the version you actually have, try to build the package.
If you are lucky it just works.  Than it's up to you to test the build
result if it works flawless.  If you are sure that the Debian packaged
version is to sharp with the versions just let us know and we will
relax the constraints as needed of possible.

Kind regards



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