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Re: Communication channels: Please raise your opinion

Hi everybody,

On Wed, 24 Aug 2011, Andreas Tille wrote:
To see if this might work I would like to propose a first IRC meeting
next Monday 29.8. at 17:00 GMT in #debian-med.

I thought I could break with IRC but it seems to track me :-). Anyway, depending on the weather conditions on that day, I would prefer something like 19:30. But as I am not yet sure whether I am able to attend please don't worry about me. Maybe someone can create a log and send that to the list or put it in the wiki afterwards?

2. How do we want to use our Blog[3]
    - Do we require authors name on postings
    - Should every posting be forewarded to planet.d.o
      (and possibly other blog aggregators)
    - Do we accept advertising of some companies on this
3. How to gather some money that can be used for organising
   Debian Med sprints
    - Amazon partnership
    - Flattr
    - Ask for donations via Paypal account

BTW, Steffen and me would really like to hear opinions about [2] even
before the meeting has started.

From my point of view the name of the author should be clearly visible.
At the moment there is no visible article that should not have been forwarded to planet.d.o. Nevertheless the article about playing with the Amazon cloud without needing to pay for it, sounded interesting. So there are already interesting topics that should not appear somewhere else. As I think that this is the minority of articles, why not mark articles that should NOT be forwarded to aggregators? Is there anybody really using search boxes from Amazon? I guess it is no loss if they disappear ...

According to gathering money: Wouldn't it be better to let Debian collect everything (-> tax advantages for donors) and pass it to us?


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