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BioMAJ and getData

Dear all,

with BioMAJ [1] and getData [2], our distro has now two tools in the distribution that address the retrieval and post-processing
of public (or not so public) databases. Hilmar from the OBF has just pointed me to an again very different approach towards the
same by the Open Knowledge Foundation named datapkg [3,4] which is not with us, yet. Please have a look at those tools and think
about which may be the most appropriate for you. My personal hope is that we can come up with some way that allows package
maintainers to specify instructions for associated data to be downloaded and suggest to also install the respective data
management tool. This would allow for a decentralisation of the data organisation and help it to scale beyond the most prominent ones.



 [1] http://biomaj.genouest.org/
 [2] http://wiki.debian.org/getData
 [3] http://okfn.org/projects/datapkg/
 [4] http://blog.okfn.org/2010/02/23/introducing-datapkg/

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