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Re: Fwd: Bug#614382: ITP: transtermhp , needs review .

Hi Alex,

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 05:14:53PM +0100, Alex Mestiashvili wrote:
> Please review it .

Here are my comments:

  0. debian/contro: Group maintenance in Debian Med team

  1. Please remove / adapt general comments introduced by dh-make in
     debian/{rules,watch, ...} because these general comments do
     not apply to specific packages (just did it in SVN).
  2. If the original upstream archive is not usable from scratch
     (for instance because it is in ZIP format like in this case)
     Please provide a get-orig-source target which makes sure any
     developer in the team works on the same basis as you.  I
     committed an according script in SVN and once I was repackaging
     anyway I was removing useless binray code which just bloats the
     Debian archive.

  3. README.Debian:  This file is intended for the user of the Debian
     package.  You seem to have copied it from some upstream README
     file.  While this in most cases has some very good use the following
     information should be removed:

      LICENSE & CREDITS:  This is debian/copyright
      INSTALLATION: The user who reads this file has just successfully
                    istalled the software via the Debian package

     Please remove this reduncant / misleading text

  4. README.Source:  This file should be read by other Debian developers
     Some information like "If you want to run TransTermHP on a non-UNIX-like 
     system ..." is definitely irrelevant here (even if we are not Linux
     only any more, BSD is also UNIX-like).
     Please replace this information by some short sentence that describes
     how to obtain the source (via get-orig-source and why it was invented)

  5. Very minor nitpicking revealed by lintian -i -I:
     description-synopsis-might-not-be-phrased-properly -> removed
     the '.' at the end of the short description and did a slight
     rewording (see SVN).

  6. Upstream has version 2.07 (without the dot).  I created the orig.tar.gz
     according to this (as your watch file implies).  So I applied the very
     same versioning in the debian/changes file.  In case you *intend* to
     use version 2.0.7 (which might make sense - I just do not know), please
     make it consistent in watch file with dversionmangle and if needed adapt
     get-orig-source.  I commited 2.07 in Changelog - feel free to revert
     if this makes sense for you.

Kind regards



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