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Usage of zlib in MaqView


I'm writing you on behalf of the Debian Med project that has the goal to
provide medical and bioinformatical software to all Debian users.  I hope
you like the attempt to include MaqView into Debian amongst other packages
as they are listed here


Because I had a request to package MaqView and have started inspecting
the code.  When doing so I noticed that you are using inside zrio.h the
header files

#include "zutil.h"
#include "inftrees.h"
#include "inflate.h"

according to the top remark in these files

   this file should *not* be used by applications. It is
   part of the implementation of the compression library and is
   subject to change. Applications should only use zlib.h.

this is not the purpose of these files.  I'm asking because in Debian
the packaged zlib library should be used with applications.  This is for
consistency and security reasons.

My question is: Could you imagine to find a solution which properly uses
only zlib.h as it was intended by the zlib authors for future releases
of MaqView?

Kind regards



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